1. super_user_do

    Check out this interesting project!

    Hello everybody! While I was browsing mastodon i've found this very interesting project which nobody even seems to know the exsistence of. It's called Kera Desktop and it seems to be a graphically pleasing desktop enveroinment We should definitely check it out. What do you think of this?
  2. D

    How to intercept a packet from an app? [PROJECT]

    Hi! I have this hiking app that uses terrible commercial maps but I want to intercept every request from it and feed it instead with tiles from my OpenStreetMap server. I figured that I need to connect my phone (where the app is installed) to my server via wifi. The server is not connected to...
  3. onmyown

    After 1000 hours dedicated, I need guidance

    Hello there, (pardon my English) I have several problems I hope somebody with experience can advise me: 1) After dedicating 500 hours roughly in Linux at college, and another 500 hours on my own, I have to say, I'm a bit lost. Currently, I'm studying the fourth year of Computing Engineering...