1. D

    Solved Adding persistence doesnt work.

    I followed official kali linux guide on adding persistance and when I restared and selected correct option in boot menu and made a .txt file in documents and restarted again it was gone.
  2. TheCat

    Help for making persistent USB

    I've made portable linux distros before, specifically with Kali, Ubuntu and Mint. I'm trying to find a general purpose distro that allows me to boot it from a USB with persistence. I know you can practically do it with all of them. But for some reason, when I've made a USB bootable through Rufus...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] About Debian 11 Live Boot & persistence options: bind or union

    I am using Debian 11 bullseye live iso in USB. I need persistence mode. But which one? I read there are two options : bind and union. I am asking about it, because in live boot options man page it says that : "At boot time it will look for a (read-only) medium containing a "/live" directory...
  4. F

    Kali 2020.3 Live USB with persistence: stuck on Live Boot Menu

    Hello everyone, I have previously ran a 2020.3 live usb on this device with no issues. I then reformatted the USB, flashed it again with the same OS and then created a persistent partition (logical using ext4). After booting it works through grub fine and then comes to blue “Kali Live Boot...
  5. V

    not able to add a new user in kali linux live usb persistance 2020.1b

    whenever i create a new user and reboot it just restores to 1 user only.Rest of the changes i make are saved like files,softwares.
  6. F3L1X

    Kali persistence encrypted "apt upgrade" crash

    So I'm having issues with Kali 20.1 on a persistent USB. Once several partions have been setup, one partition is encrypted. I boot into the encrypted persistence and run "apt update", no errors. I then run "apt upgrade" or "apt dist-upgrade" and at some point the screen goes blank with...
  7. Z

    Switching from Windows to Debian

    Hello! For a while i work in programming. Recent i started learning SQL and i want to switch with all on Linux. At college we use Debian so i want to use this OS at home too. I just bought an external HDD of 2TB from SEAGATE and i want to install Debian on that HDD to take it with me everywhere...
  8. R

    Difficulties w/ LM 19.1 "live" persistence

    I've "installed" LM19.1 to a 16Gb (2.0) PNY pendrive. Right from outset, the O.S. has major lagging and minor freezing issues. Example. When first opened O.S. and ran updates from "update mngr." it took 57 mins. to complete 6 updates. When D/l'ed VLC, it took over a half hour and then the...