1. Adithyansm

    Tint2 configuration

    Hello everyone I am relatively new to this window manager stuff Some days ago I installed Openbox and tint2 and start configuring it but don't know the most functionality of tint2 As you can see this is my tint2 panel's left side which is the .desktop file for rofi and oblogout I want to move...
  2. T

    how to add curl command results to the panel

    i have got mx-linux 19-1. this is an api link for etherum crypto coin price: i want to add the constant "price" result to my xfce panel or conky widgets. i searched too many hours for a conky widget but all included api links are out...
  3. Rob

    Docker desktop for linux?

    At work I have a macbook running osx and a macbook running Linux.. I also just started with a different team that heavily uses kubernetes. One thing I really like in OSX is the docker menu in the panel where I can quickly switch between clusters. I've since found kubectx (see other thread)...
  4. A

    PlayOnLinux Problems

    I just installed Mint 19.0. I've got a program installed on PlayOnLinux and it works fine...Except...The program when running will not show up in the panel. So, if i minimize the window, it's lost. How do I get it to show up in the panel?