1. SpongeB0B

    [solved] nftables how add saddr to icmp ?

    Hi everyone, How can we add saddr to icmp ? for example table ip Tip { type filter hook input priority 0; policy drop; icmp type echo-request counter log prefix "echo: " accept } How can I specify a source address ? I've tried table ip Tip { type filter hook input priority 0...
  2. S

    How to extract the TCP header of Incoming and Outgoing Packets using sk_buff? How can we create an LKM for the same?

    I want to extract the TCP header and print the Header details of both incoming as well as outgoing packets but I need to hook that module in the Linux Kernel. That is I need to create an LKM for the same.
  3. S

    Is there some alternatives like ndpi-netfilter?

    I know the ndpi-netfilter can block traffic by coordinate with iptables ,but I want some alternatives that provide a uniform interface to add my own application protocol like a application feature library and they don't need to make a specific *.c file to realize adding purpose. So do you know...
  4. P

    Number of http connections client vs server, how to count?

    Hello, i can use tools like , , Firefox/CHrome developer console to count number of HTTP port 80/443 requests, BUT i want to ask if this match/is same with number of network connections that the web server accepts using netfilter/iptables (firewall...