1. LinuxLegends

    SOLVED: mv command with no destination?!?! omg it's gone?

    So I was following a guide and the guy did a move command without a destination. I thought it made like a copy or something. But it had brackets at the end like this: mv folders/file.key{,.bak} now I can't find the file. even if I search by file extension like: find . *.key is the file...
  2. O

    Move folders in gui

    Hi, I have Zorin 15 (UB18.04) I am trying to move some folders from opt/lampp/htdocs to var/www/html/ but permissions as root keep stopping me. Have tried a few thing to no avail. Seemed there was gksu but that is now defunct. Error moving file /opt/lampp/htdocs/1300rentbuy: Permission...
  3. D

    Find and move filles with specific extensions

    From a specific file I want find all images(JPG,jpg,png,...) and move (not copy) all this images to a new folder Please give me the command in terminal If I want copy from this images in a usb how above command change? Please give me a help