1. V

    New SSD and New to Linux!

    Hello all! I literally just started using Linux yesterday to revive an older laptop of mine and I purchased a new Crucial BX500 1TB solid state drive for it to make it run and boot more quickly. I managed to figure out how to format it in NTFS and partition it appropriately. I can NOT, however...
  2. V

    How to Remove Ubuntu 20 Unwanted Folder/Partition?

    I have installed SSD in my dell laptop with HDD, i have recently installed Ubuntu 20 in my laptop , but i am seeing unknown folders from bpool to 538 MB Volume.. how can i remove these folders.. i am new to linux ecosystem..
  3. M

    LVM volume config - Ubuntu Server

    Hi guys, I need help. I have structure (attachment). Ubuntu 18.04 Web application XXX is running on dev/sda5 which is based on volume group srvomega01-vg I added a new disk to the machine in Vmware but I have a problem how to add it to a volume group without any problems. I need more space...
  4. Chris Rachal

    how to use gparted

    Hello everyone, I have been doing a lot of research but I'm not crazy experienced with linux mint yet. I installed gparted, but i realized you can resize a mounted partition unless its a live gpart. Could I get dummy instructions from somone on that please? Thanks in advance. Everyone is most...