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    Question on backport DMA Driver on linux 4.14.226

    I am trying to use snps (synopsys) DMA controller driver with linux version 4.14.226. while testing Audio playback with ALSA we found issue so we took the many changes from linux 5.12 the old...
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    Questions about PAM

    Hello, I was wondering about PAM. If I add in the common-passwd file (in /etc/pam.d) the module cracklib (password policy), it applies on all services that use PAM right? So when I make a "adduser XXX", I notice that indeed, the module is well loaded and my password policy applied. I just...
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    Puppy Linux 8.0 not detecting Wireless

    My disc-booted 64-bit Puppy Linux 8.0 is not detecting my computer's wireless network interface. The wireless network interface does run fine with my computer's installed Ubuntu operating system. Puppy Linux is only detecting my eth0 ethernet. Puppy Linux's terminal revealed my network module...