mint 21.1

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    Solved Having Trouble Installing Drivers For Brother MFC-L3770CDW Printer Using Mint 21.1 MATE

    I have the drivers downloaded via tarball, as that's the only option they give for .deb files. I'm not too familiar with tarballs, and often avoid them, because I've found them annoying to work with (as you'll see). I follow the instructions on Brother's website (as seen here...
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    Solved Having trouble installing Linux Mint

    Hello all, I am pretty new to Linux in general, and have been working the last couple of days to try and get a dual-boot with Windows working. I have tried to run both Linux Mint and Kubuntu, and both had the same technical problems, in that I am completely unable to connect to the Wifi, it just...
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    Solved LibreOffice Draw Crashes Whenever I Try to Save

    I'm using Linux Mint 21.1 MATE, and the version of LibreOffice I'm using is I've been trying to save a picture so I can use it for the logo for a merchandise brand I'm creating, but when I go to save it, LibreOffice Draw then crashes and causes my desktop session to log me out. First I...
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    After perfect install, display issues at login & other strange issues, 21.1 Mate

    Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'll post my issues link from the Mint forums. Really hoping to solve this asap as medical issues are also looming. Basically, everything went perfectly until launching firewall froze things. I didn't bother worrying and took the tower back to the owner where it...