mint 19.3

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    The creation of swap space in partition #3 of SCSI3 (0,0,0) (sda) failed

    Hi, I wanted to download linux mint on my old laptop. When i was on install page, I created 3 partitions: - "/" root partition with 27 gb assigned - "/home" home partition with 30 gb assigned - swap area with 5913 mb assigned Then I clicked Install now. I was redirected to the region selection...
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    Having Trouble Installing LibreWolf App Image on 19.3 Cinnamon [solved]

    As some of you know by now (I found this out through DistroTube), Mozilla was involved some scandals fairly-recently. One was involving internet censorship in response to the alt-right throwing their big tantrum at the white house, and the other one was involving cancel culture where they, and...