mint 19.1

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    Updates and Install Problems

    I have had Linux for a while, but I have little experience with it. I have Mint 19.1 and I am trying to get to Mint 20. My first problem (before the update) is installing a WIFI card. I keep getting error message after error message and I have been searching the web for hours trying to get from...
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    Linux Mint 19.1 is not been recognised after successfully installed on SSD in Caddy in place of DVD driver

    + Linux Mint 19.1 is installed successfully on a SSD in Caddy in place of DVD driver, on a Laptop Toshiba Satellite C650 + But after installing, Linux Mint 19.1 is not been recognised. + This SSD itself with the same Linux Mint 19.1, works fine when connecting it externally through an Enclosure...
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    Machine Learning

    How do I enable the Nvidia gpu to quicken my machine learning. Thanks ahead of time.
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    Linux Mint 19.1 Passwords issues

    Hi-I recently loaded Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1 Tessa to my laptop from a DVD purchased from a Linux site. Everything went very well. I left the unit in sleep mode for a bout a week while I was away, but when I returned, the program would not recognize my password to log on. I could not get around...