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    Broken MicroSDs

    Hi all, I have recently been messing with my Raspberry Pi 3 in the hopes of getting some flavor of ubuntu on it. I am not the greatest with Linux yet so I find myself stumped quite often with things. My problem is I used Etcher to create some bootable disks to try Ubuntu MATE with it, and...
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    mmc1: error -110 whilst initialising SD card

    I have a 16‐gigabyte‐(GB) SanDisk Ultra water‐, temperature‐, shock‐ / vibration‐, X‐ray‐, magnet‐, and impact‐proof Micro Secure Digital Extended Capacity (MicroSDXC) Ultra High Speed I (UHS‐I) card which used to work both using a SanDisk Universal Serial Bus (USB) adapter and the built‐in card...