1. aleff

    Error using metasploit "Adobe Reader ToolButton"

    Hello everybody I'm trying to use metasploit for execute an exploit based on "Adobe Reader ToolButton" [1] CVE-2013-3346 [2]. I don't understand if I'm wronging in some settings, however I'll try to explain perfectly what I'm doing. My OS: Ubuntu 22 VM OS: Windows XP SP3 from [3]...
  2. C

    Serious Metasploit database.yml problem [VERY URGENT]

    This error has been nagging me for a few days, and i'm starting to lose patience. I have made every method possible, apt purged and apt installed and it won't even work. I'm at the stage of Voodoo dolls right now. Help!
  3. M

    VM software for metasploitable on kali linux

    Hello, i want install VM software for metasploitable supported x86 processor, i have searched on google but not works, i want a light VM software with installation steps
  4. C

    Exploit failed error 'undefined method 'socket' [Virtual Box]

    Using Kali Linux 2.6 (64-bit) on VirtualBox (yes, I have a Mac). Our professor gave us a Windows server zip file to download as a VM. I added both Kali and the Windows VM on the NAT network on adapter 2 so that they can communicate with each other since VirtualBox does not do this automatically...