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  1. K

    Gesture control & other tablet accessibility tweaks, media renderer

    I've dug out an old cr@ppy x86 tablet (Dell Venue Pro 11) and loaded KDE neon to serve as a Jukebox/presenter on my porch when having friends over. I was using a RasPi before, but this is marginally better. I'm really not expecting much from this device, and it certainly delivers. The...
  2. sssnek

    A different kind of media streaming server

    Hello everyone, So I've been trying to maintain a server for the past couple of weeks and have finally given up and decided to come to You guys for help. I've set up a Lubuntu server that upon boot launches VLC to play a radio stream. The problem occurs after a couple of hours when the sound...
  3. D

    I can't install Linux?

    I want to install Linux, side by side with Windows (my primary OS) but when booting I keep getting this error (DVD & USB-boot) [Checking media]... Fail - 2-3 times, I think. What is wrong? Am I downloading the wrong version or what is it? If you need more info - ask me. Kindly ofc.