1. CaffeineAddict

    Solved Logs monitoring software or methods

    One thing I really miss in Linux is a GUI to monitor, filter and oversee logs and to subscribe to certain logs. I've been googling around and from what I see all this shiny log monitoring software is commercial, there is barely any free. So my first question is, is there free one and which one...
  2. LinuxLegends

    See past commands issued

    This is a hypothetical question So let's say my friend promises I can trust him to SSH into my Debian-based Linux VPS hosted on a VPS provider Is there a way to view every command he's entered in the logs without the possibility that he deleted malicious log entries? Or some program that can...
  3. Ezequiel Sousa

    Create authentication logs for linux user accounts

    I need to generate logs for user accounts that access my computer, a log file to record all attempts to log into the account. What is the best way to do this?
  4. A

    How to Download Logs From CentOS7

    Hello everyone. I' m Proxy Seller on Turkey. I have 22 virtual servers. Police forces in Turkey are asking us for logs in illegal cases. How can I download my vps logs to my local computer everyday? Thank you.