1. L

    Find os bugs in logcat logs

    Hello, For a week I have strange bug in Android 12. When my Samsung smartphone start using internet, after 8-10 min all windows: in Material terminal (where my scripts is running) and other programms get closed and phone return to the main screen. I need open everything again. I noticed time...
  2. E

    How to log rsync?

    Hello everyone! Thanks for accepting me here. :) I would like to ask you about logging in rsync. I am using rsync through a GUI (Grsync), and currently have the below task at crontab: 0 15 * * * DISPLAY=:0 grsync -e "default" My question is: how to log all rsync operations to a file? I...
  3. SpongeB0B

    How change date format of ulogd2 ?

    Hi everyone, I followed this tutorial to externalize my nftables log to another log than /var/log/messages it work, unfortunately the date format is I would like to change it to something close to I've looked in the ulogd documentation but found nothing about it... Any ideas ? or other...
  4. Linux_Programmer

    systemd : started session xxx of user root Logs

    Hello, Systemd has been generating too many "Started session xxx of user root" logs when root user login to the system but there's no corresponding entry for every logout. Is this behavior expected ? Rgds, Linux Programmer (SM)
  5. K

    Log monitoring software

    Perhaps related to this thread on securing Linux, I have noticed an advertisement on here regarding log monitoring software. It can be time consuming and somewhat difficult to review system logs, so is there any decent applications out there anyone uses to monitoring everything from system logs...
  6. Rob

    Using mysqldumpslow to read the mysql slow query log

    The MySQL slow query log is one helpful tool that helps system administrators to determine which queries are taking a longer-than-normal time to run. The only thing is.. how to read it so it's helpful? If you don't have the slow query log enabled yet, do that first: mysql enable slow query...