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linux 20

  1. S

    Is Linux or Windows 11 better?

    Hey Guys I am using Microsoft Windows 10. It is a pretty good operating system, and I like it a lot. The only thing I don't like about it is that it takes up a lot of disk space. I have a 120 GB hard drive, and Windows 10 takes up about 60 GB. That leaves me with very little room for anything...
  2. Rieves

    Linux on external SSD or HHD

    Hi, my device is in windows OS and I want to use an external SSD or HDD for linux OS. First I used a flash drive and it is so slow even in booting and planning on using external SSD or HDD if it is fast. Before buying external storage will external SSD or HDD will be fast?
  3. V

    Ubuntu 20 issues Startup issue

    Why i am getting this issue when i turn-on my laptop..i have recently installed 20.4 Ubuntu OS after replacing HDD with SSD, I have set SSD as my Primary & HDD as Secondary storage ? Storage..
  4. V

    How to Remove Ubuntu 20 Unwanted Folder/Partition?

    I have installed SSD in my dell laptop with HDD, i have recently installed Ubuntu 20 in my laptop , but i am seeing unknown folders from bpool to 538 MB Volume.. how can i remove these folders.. i am new to linux ecosystem..