1. Sueno1123

    "The Hardest Way To Learn Linux"

    I was browsing around on Quora when I saw someone recommending something weird: they were telling prospecting Linux converts not to expect their hands to be held because that would hamper their learning journey. They recommended something drastic: apparently there's a book called "Linux From...
  2. D

    Really wanna understand and learn Linux - is LFS the way?

    Good day, I am pretty new to Linux, have been using Ubuntu for little more than a year now, and played little with Red Hat 23 years ago when I got it on a CD with a computer magazine :) I really want to get a better and deeper understanding of how it works and get more accustomed to using...
  3. E

    Installing Packages From Source

    Hi, I have been trying different Linux distributions lately to learn as much as about Linux. Lately, I have encountered with installing packages from source while trying to learn about the core elements of Linux while installing LFS. I have managed to install some packages from the source, but...

    How to cook minimal kernel

    Hi. I want make my own linux distro x64 with minimum components. I want to make it live USB with option to install on HDD + install mods in future.
  5. L

    Development team recruitment for a small distro

    Hello! I'm looking to recruit a few people to help my friend Nyte and I develop a custom distribution of Linux for his server using the LFS (Linux From Scratch) project. He's currently having some trouble installing a vital component, and help would be greatly appreciated. I bet he would also...