kernel configuration

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    How to change task scheduler?

    I want to compare the performance of the EAS scheduler with other schedulers like CFS, DEADLINE, etc. As far as I understood from the documentation, there are several schedulers in the kernel, and at a certain point in time, one scheduler can be selected by the kernel, which is responsible for...
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    Raspi CM3+ in boot mode - discovery of USB device on other single board computer

    Hello there, first post here. I already asked the same thing on the Raspi forums, alas they couldn't help with the details - which is, probably, specific Linux kernel config settings. My thread is here. I'll paste the gist of it here: To that, an engineer from the Raspi forum said: So, how...
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    Kernel configuration with config fragments

    Hello guys, I actually experienced this when messing with the Yocto project, but as the configuration fragments stuff was later merged to Linux and became part of the standard kernel build process, I though I may have better chance here than in the Yocto mailing list. I'm learning how to...