1. Aeos

    Trying to setup Sonic Pi on Chromebook Linux

    I'm a total newbie both to Sonic Pi and to Linux, figured I'd try installing Sonic Pi on my Acer Chromebook, but it just keeps on crashing. What could be going on here? Sonic Pi output: Output when I try to open JACK: 19:18:40.718 Statistics reset. Cannot connect to server socket err =...
  2. N

    ASUS Xonar SE

    Does anyone have any experience with an ASUS Xonar SE card. I just built a new machine on Ubuntu 18.04, and want to add a sound card to run Jack. I know that the Xonar DGX is considered compatible, but can't find anything on the Xonar SE at all. It's only a few buck more than the DGX, and has...