1. F

    Use debian netinst installer for armel devices that are not kirkwood or orion5x devices?

    I'm working on a small laptop that has a WonderMedia WM8650 processor (armel) and as of right now, I have a working Linux kernel v4.14. So far I've been using this device thanks to the help of multistrap, that has the capability to create a bootable rootfs. The issue is that the preparation is...
  2. F

    Create the Debian installer using multistrap?

    I'm working on a small laptop that uses an arm cpu, and for it to work I have to create a rootfs before booting the system for the first time. The only way of doing that (that i know) is using multistrap. Now, I was wondering if there is any way to get the minimum for an installer to run on the...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Cannot Enable "Lock root account" During RedHat-type Installations? (e.g., Alma, Rocky, Oracle)

    I recently downloaded and installed a few RedHat-type distros over the past two weeks: AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, and Oracle Linux. The installers look similar if not identical. The "Begin Installation" button stays grayed out (disabled) unless you uncheck the "Lock root account" setting to...
  4. Terminal Velocity

    Developments in the Debian installer

    After voting decided that the non-free firmware will be included in the installer and will be only one installer.
  5. S

    Unable to Install LMDE4

    Hello. I'm trying to figure why I can't install LMDE4. The release notes, apparently, have changed since the last time I installed it. LMDE 4 Release Notes Heading: Known issues Subheading: Repository Errors After Buster was moved from stable to oldstable, some must have experienced error...
  6. B

    What makes a program being 'installed'

    Hello! I want to make an installer for my game so that the game is recognised as 'installed' on the system. Just like the GOG games installers. For that I need to know where to copy what files. I know that the actual files of a program go generally in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin. The user files...
  7. M

    Is Parrot Security OS Team Has Ended Support For 32 Bit Completely Or Only ISO File ???

    Hello, I want ask about 32 bit support for parrot security, is Parrot Security OS Team Has Ended Support For 32 Bit Completely or Only ISO Support, i have found busybox error on parrot security OS Latest Version installer, so i download now the latest version that support full iso for 32 bit...
  8. C

    bash-based Archlinux installer: Arc

    I've been working on a bash-based installer for archlinux. I thought I'd post it here for any who may want to try it / perhaps suggest improvements. The intent is for it to be infinitely reconfigurable via a single config file, thus making reinstallation...