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    What makes a program being 'installed'

    Hello! I want to make an installer for my game so that the game is recognised as 'installed' on the system. Just like the GOG games installers. For that I need to know where to copy what files. I know that the actual files of a program go generally in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin. The user files...
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    Plz recommend me a Linux to run Pavel Richter's games

    Hi all! My Internet pal has a site with a few good, simple and totally-free strategy games. I am enamored with his game, Babala, which has been around about a decade. Primarily, Pavel's games work under Linux but for Babala he made some extra effort to allow Windows users to enjoy it...
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    Which distro should I take?

    Hi everybody! I'm here for a simple reason, I bought a New laptop which isn't a warmachine and it comes with the devil also known as Windows 10... The cpu is an AMD A8-7410 (quadcore 2,2 to 2,5 ghz) The gpu is a R7 M440 And the ram is 12go When I check the materials the computer should be...