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  1. Nigh Knight

    X server isn't properly starting with startx, ends in error

    I use Arch btw Background I restarted i3 using it's default restart command mod+shift+r, and suddenly I was existed out of my current session. Attempts I decided to run startx, to restart X, nothing. I decide to open use xinit to start the display, using xinit -- :1, nothing. I decided to...
  2. O

    Changing rate of floating window size change i3

    So, I use i3, and set all borders to 0. When I make a window float and the default size it pops out is inapprpriate, in i3's resize mode it takes forever to use the arrow keys to change the window size. Since I don't have borders, I can't drag the window edges with my mouse. Is there a way to...
  3. O

    [SOLVED]Certain apps can't determine location of home folder

    I am sorry if this question is vague, but ever since I've installed Arch and i3 on my laptop, there have been persistently annoying bugs related to apps not being able to create, edit, or access folders in my home directory that they need to function. For example, I had to manually specify my i3...
  4. archiman.ch5

    Screen Brightness Issue

    i have installed Arch i3 on a laptop and soon found the following issue... 1. hotkeys for brightness not working 2. hotkeys for volume not working also can i install a settings application on i3 ???
  5. T

    i3 display manager

    Hello! I have been using the i3, and I never had a login Manager. I have a long time is the idea and small but perky concept on creation of the i3 display manager. Stops me a very poor knowledge of C++. But, I think that if we take as basis the gdm and use curses is possible to achieve much...