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grub not appearring

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    Ubuntu wont boot

    My laptop wont start Ubuntu anymore. When I turn it on, it shows me the Lenovo logo (Im on a thinkpad) and then black screen. When I use a USB with Ubuntu on it, it starts extremely slowly, but I'm eventually able to use the live try out mode. Another thing is that when I use the USB, I get to...
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    Kali installed on USB, but grub is missing

    Let me start off by acknowledging that i might be slightly out of my league using Kali, however im spending multiple hours per day educating my self more and more. Coming here for help is kindof my final move, i've tried it all and searched high and low without a solution. My issue is as...
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    kali not found as boot option.

    I have been trying to install Kali as the main boot on my dell latitude 3350. On the first try it formatted the hardrive and installed and completed the full installation but when i rebooted it Kali didn't show up as a boot option and nor doesn't grub boot loader appear. I tried to install...