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    Can't Find My Password

    Trying to split my main partition in Feren but can't find my password to do it. I thought it would be in my User profile but it isn't, not even a hint area. How can I find this? thank you
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    How to Start Latte Dock Automatically on Each Reboot?

    Using Feren OS hassium with KDE plasma version 5.24.3 and the Latte Dock on Desktop. Seems like after an Update, Latte dock stopped starting up on each reboot, even though the settings are enabled (see screenshot). How to enable it? Is there a cronjob that I can add, as a terminal command, to...
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    What does it mean when they say Feren OS is a rolling distribution?

    I am a noob linux user, on Feren OS. This is how my update script looks like (which runs as an anacron job with root privilege once in a while, and all other automatic updates from the GUI are turned off). apt-get --assume-yes --fix-missing update apt-get --assume-yes upgrade apt-get...
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    How to Remove the Analogue Clock from Latte Dock

    Using latte dock 0.10.2 on Feren OS Gallium. I notice that there is an analog clock towards the right of the dock by default, which I cannot remove. When I right click on other launchers, I always get an option to unpin them, but not from the clock. Even after browsing through other settings, I...
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    How to use the Customise the Keys in Feren OS Cupertino Layout?

    Just trying Feren OS latest snapshot (January 2021) from my live USB drive. I have been mostly a Mint Cinnamon user and having a few issues around the KDE plasma desktop. The particular questions are How to use the super key in my keyboard in Feren? Typically, when I press the super key, I...
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    Trouble with audio when screen sharing

    Hey guys, On Discord when I try screen sharing the person who watch has trouble hearing the audio (Not my voice but the audio from the screen share). Sometimes everything is OK sometimes the audio disappears and comes back later without me touching anything. I've tried searching for alternatives...