fedora 36

  1. SimSon

    Do I need "dnf check-update"?

    Hey, I was wondering if I need "dnf check-update" also I want to upgrade my packages. Because when I have installed a new package, I always have: and then But now I have realized that it is also "fresh / check / takes the newest packages from the mirror" when I only type: I also check the...
  2. R

    Fedora 36 kernel 5.18.5 failed to detect RTL 8188 eu wifi adapter while previous kernels working.

    Hi I am Rupesh from India and I have a pc with Intel i3 10th gen processor and asus prime h 510 me motherboard including coconut wa04 wifi adapter which has RTL 8188 chip. I have installed Fedora 36 at the time it was released. Upto yesterday I have been able to browse internet and after...
  3. C

    "Unable to create PID file" - Facing problems to Install a distro Linux to Hard Drive.

    Now that I am finally able to run the distro on my machine, I simply cannot install it on its hard drive. First I could create some partitions to install Fedora but it crashed and a alert message is shown on screen: "Anaconda is unable to create /var/run/ anaconda.pid because the file already...