dual booting linuxes

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    External Linux System (SSD/USB) on common pc with no access to internal SSD/HDD

    Hello, fter having a crash of my old pc because of too many operating systems on one HDD (- and one overwrote systemfiles of the others), I wanted to try a different way. In this way, I want to use my main operating system on the internal storage. The 2 and 3 operating system should run on an...
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    add boot entry to grub to boot from external drive

    My machine has the first Manjaro installed on the internal SSD drive. There is no Windows on my system, and I don't want it. I am trying to install other Linux distros on external SEGATE Portable Drives. During the installation process I selected the target external drive and used default...
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    Trouble with dual boot

    Hi I'm writing a post here as a last resort because it is literally beyond the scope of my knowledge and I'm hoping someone can help me. I am proud to profess I am a complete noob - and most of the time I end up deleting partitions I dont mean to (just my luck)! I have an old PC, set up with...
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    Dual booting two Linux distros

    Is it very complicated installing Manjaro(or anything else) to dual boot with my current Lubuntu installation? There is a lot of information about dual booting Windows and Linux, but not two Linux distros. Will I have to manually partition the hard drive or is there a option in, for example...