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  1. SpongebobFan1994

    Welcome to the Salty Spitoon, How Tough Are Ya? (Linux Edition)

    For anyone who doesn't get the concept of this game or the joke behind it, watch the season 3 episode of Spongebob called "No Weenies Allowed" The only rule is you have to describe a complicated Linux situation you encountered (bug fixing, troubleshooting, etc). If you want to include a Salty...
  2. dreamtraveler

    Help with Arch commands during installation (debugging)

    Hello people, I decided to set up arch and in the process when i was inside the OS i didn't have terminal and browser here are the commands please tell me what i did wrong. thanks 1. Boot the .iso 3. ping google.com Ctrl+c to quit 4. timedatectl set-ntp true 5. timedatectl status 6...
  3. M

    New to Linux trying to get into debugging

    Hello, Just started delving into Linux.I understand basic traversal of the Linux filesystem, editing, and creating files.Now I want to learn how to do debugging in Linux. For example: Say a certain storage medium is not connecting. How would I go about debugging it and making sure that it...