1. R

    Help with lab assignment

    Hi guys, New to Linux. Taking it for the very first time this semester and have gotten through it pretty okay for the most part. Stuck on a certain part for a lab assignment. Would greatly appreciate your assistance. Stuck on this part of the lab: -Add a tar command to the file that creates a...
  2. J

    Linux Shell Scripting Command

    I am having a problem getting the correct command to work with a shell script for the following. I need to save the text, "Logging Info:" with the current date and time to my file "logs.backup" inside my "LOGS" directory. Can anyone provide help with the correct command for this?
  3. M

    SOLVED: Gentoo not responding to commands

    I am trying to set up gentoo from my CD. It was successfully installed and runs off of my CD. All commands were running fine with the beginning "livecd ~ #" However, I accidentally typed "if config" instead of "ifconfig" in order to check my network connections. The beginning "live cd ~ #"...