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    Need help getting WiFi set up

    I've successfully installed Mint 20.2 Cinnamon on an old Dell OptiPlex 780, and I'm trying to get a WiFi plug-in working since it doesn't have an integrated antenna. Now, on some of my machines (running various Windows OSes), it was plug and play while others I've had to manually install the...
  2. D

    mass convert flac / ape / wv + cue to fdk with one command???

    Hi, I'm using a debian-based linux. I have many music albums in flac / wv / ape + cue and/or as separate tracks. How do I mass convert all of them to fdk aac (for ex. vbr 3 or 2 or 1) with only one command? Using SoX or maybe ffmpeg (or maybe with fdkaac cmd encoder and something else)?
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    smbclient to send cmd command from linux to windows

    Goodmorning, I need to send some cmd command from linux to windows 7. Until now I use the following command: " smbclient \\server_address -W domain -Uuser%password -c 'mkdir' " to connect to the server and create a new folder. Now I'm interesting to send a cmd command able to run program...