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    Huawei Cloud Summit Middle East & Africa 2023

    Huawei Cloud Summit Middle East & Africa 2023 21st March, 2023 Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Invitation We are proud to announce our upcoming Huawei Cloud Summit Middle East and Africa 2023. We believe that cloud is the key to...
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    Enable doh chrome

    hi, Can someone explain to me how do i enable Doh protocol in chromium? I saw that in Settings there is no option of 'Use secure DNS' to "costume to Cloudflare(" (or if I need to do it in terminal?) thank you!
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    LetsEncrypt says "DNS validation failed". Site is behind Cloudflare

    Hello, i tried to disable FULL SSL option in my cloudflare account to become "Off" and then attempt to setup wildcard free LetsEncrypt certificate from within DirectAdmin control panel. But it continue to fail. "DNS validation failed" I would rather think it is problem related to Cloudflare...
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    Implementing Dns server

    Hi, What modules do you recommend in linux for a DNS server that uses a graphical panel for register a record(such as CloudFlare) and use database (for example, MySQL) instead of zone File?