boot menu

  1. D

    Kali linux live stuck at grub terminal.

    I tried for days to solve that. I have 1TB external disk and I want my kali linux to be portable and so that is saves what I did. I downloaded kali linux live 23.3(latest) version. I used rufus to flash it and i set the priority but insted of loading me into boot option menu I end up in grub...
  2. A

    add boot entry to grub to boot from external drive

    My machine has the first Manjaro installed on the internal SSD drive. There is no Windows on my system, and I don't want it. I am trying to install other Linux distros on external SEGATE Portable Drives. During the installation process I selected the target external drive and used default...
  3. F

    Kali 2020.3 Live USB with persistence: stuck on Live Boot Menu

    Hello everyone, I have previously ran a 2020.3 live usb on this device with no issues. I then reformatted the USB, flashed it again with the same OS and then created a persistent partition (logical using ext4). After booting it works through grub fine and then comes to blue “Kali Live Boot...
  4. filipeaguiars

    Dual Boot menu disappeared

    Hi guys! I'm a newbie :D I have a notebook with Windows 10 installed, then I decided to dual boot it with Kde Neon. Everything worked fine for about one week, but now the dual boot menu disappeared. When I turn the computer on, it boots the Kde Neon automatically I've tried to use the...
  5. L

    Boot menu with obsolete options

    I have Windows 10 in mi laptop, but I also had Deepin OS, Ubuntu and Elementary OS (Ubuntu Based). (I have uninstalled them all) And in the boot menu, this is what shows up: This are the options in boot menu. So, I know Windows Boot Manager is for booting Windows, but I don't know what exactly...