1. super_user_do

    Linux and OS books

    Hello everybody! I'm looking for some books to learn about Linux and Operative Systems in general. What books would you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  2. super_user_do

    Linux Books

    Hello everybody I was thinking of buying one of these books for christmas. Would you recommend them? How Linux Works, 3rd Edition: What Every Superuser Should Know The Linux Command Line, 2nd Edition: A Complete Introduction Linux Bible
  3. P

    Which book is best? - Linux in a Nutshell, How Linux Works, ...

    $51 944 pages, Linux in a Nutshell - published 13 years ago $31 464 pages, How Linux Works - Published last year $53 830 pages, Linux: The Complete Reference - Published 2007 My first step is setting GRUB multi-boot, with Ubuntu on one SSD and Windows on another SSD. Which book covers that?
  4. JoeBlack

    What do you think about the Linux Content Creators out there?

    Does you follow, and listen/watch Linux content creators? (Podcast? Youtube? Writer of a book? Blog/News Articles) Who do you think are the most notable, well known "celebrities" in the Linux community? Who do you think are worth hearing? Recommendations? Who have you learned valuable things...
  5. K

    Quality book for learning linux (beginner)

    Thank you