best linux for me

  1. casparzzz123

    The Ultimate Linux

    Hey I'm looking for the ULTIMATE Linux Just Comment what youre favroite is!
  2. mizzi_k

    What Debian Is Best Option For Beginners In 2020!!!

    Actually ! I Am Using Ubuntu,Kali,Zorin And PARROT OS On Different Computers. Actually The Best Alternative For Kali Linux Is Parrot Os. And Its Kinda Amazing Now In 2020. The GUI Is Amazing, And The Applications Management Is Great. The Problems Within The Terminal Like Snap Or Apt And Other...
  3. H

    What is the most suitable linux distribution for my needs ?

    Hi everyone, it is probably a stupid question to ask, however, this is what I concluded after several years of using many Linux distributions. Since my very positive experience with an ubuntu 16.04 used on my laptop and the very stable "Debian 8" machines we used in the university, my experience...