backup solutions

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    Backup in small business

    Suppose you are the administrator of a small company of 6-10 people, you need to back up data from all computers and 1 server. How should rule 3-2-1 follow such a backup, what program to use and how to manage backups. I am just a student learning the basics of Linux administration exactly...
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    A better backup solution

    Hi folks, (misplaced my earlier login, so starting anew) Been using various flavours of Linux for ages, primarily server-side, but coming back to the desktop for a primary workhorse after a significant hiatus. Rolling with Fedora (34) this time, as I find it better suited to BaU work more than...
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    Backup solutions for CentOS 7

    Good day to you all, hope all of you are safe with what is going on. I have a few VPS servers using C Panel and CentOS 7. I use for my personal businesses and a few friends’ websites and such. The host is OVH in Canada and their auto backup or snapshot system use to be good, but when they...