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    How could a hacker accessed Admin's Home directory?

    I request everyone to read full and help me and, sorry for my English. I often got few text files (named as "New Text Document.tmp" / "WindowsUpdate..log", WindowsUpdate-1.tmp" / "0000001.tmp" / "0000001 copy.tmp" / "0000001 copy (2).tmp" ...) in my desktop while using Windows (7 & 10), even...
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    Questions about PAM

    Hello, I was wondering about PAM. If I add in the common-passwd file (in /etc/pam.d) the module cracklib (password policy), it applies on all services that use PAM right? So when I make a "adduser XXX", I notice that indeed, the module is well loaded and my password policy applied. I just...
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    Although Sign In as a AD User, When I Tried to Connect Windows File Server, It Asks Username and Password

    Hi everybody, According to this web site, "http://pardusforum.com/sistem-yonetimi/pardus-cihazi-domain%27e-alma/?i=1" , I joined my linux computer into my domain. Everything is fine, it works! However, as I stated in the subject, although I signed in as a AD User, when I tried to connect my...