artificial intelligence

  1. vs2-free-users

    [NEWS] European company releases serious alternative to ChatGPT

    The France-based company, Mistral , has recently released a first serious European chatbot named Le Chat. It is currently in the rollout process and is available for free. #Link #Sources...
  2. tinfoil-hat

    Am I right about beeing afraid about AGI?

    I feel Humanity behaves like a child, playing with an Atombomb. Will we see Skynet or an Utopia? Or something in between? Would you create off grid computers? According to Elon Musk several years ago, Humans will need to merge with AI or go extinct. I thought he was over the top, but the...
  3. D

    Tuxbox Inspired This

    I didn't want to sign up for an OpenAI account to try out AI, so I decided to use Eviebot because it doesn't require one. Just to be a smart ass, I decided tell "her" I farted, and here's the response I got: :p
  4. tinfoil-hat

    [Solved] Ai Projects General

    Hi, what Ai projects / language Models can I tinker with on my local computer? I am thinking of something like ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion which can run on your own hardware. AMD GPU: Nvidia GPU: LLaMA: I also...
  5. tinfoil-hat

    Does AI reach Singularity soon? Do we have to fear it?

    Does AI reach Singularity soon? And if so, how to not make it harmful. Just remember the S**t show humans put on the internet. If a AI can access all this information, I think it will turn run as top tier Psychopath. Is my fear justified?
  6. cyberkiller

    Distributed computing with Linux

    Hey guys, Im new in this forum, generally Im beginner on distributed computing. The main purpose is to share experiences accordingly to the post thread title. Has anyone tryed his own online server? I mean what type of server, which service, which Linux? Experiences about distributed systems...