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    MAC Duplicate, Host on 255, arp-scan, strange things

    I recently was running arp-scan quite often on my local network. I've noticed that one of the devices has Is that normal to have a device on a broadcast address? nmap doesn't have much to say about that device apart from the fact that it's Google's Mac. sudo nmap -sS -O -A...
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    Disable ipv6 completely in interface and ARP in another interface

    I have two VLAN interfaces, one of which should only respond to IPv4 and the other only IPv6, but I can not do this, can anyone help me? The interface that should only respond to IPv4 is named vlan908 and I already did it in it: echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/vlan908/disable_ipv6 echo 0 >...