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    Aptitude & co - which one to use?

    I have always followed CLI instructions for installing stuff a bit blindly (doing what has been advised) and TBH I have used Synaptic (GUI) more. But I have just been looking at the man pages for aptitude and its equivalents. I see there is aptitude, apt and apt-get, and they all seem to do...
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    Copying Directories with Exceptions - possible?

    I want to copy a directory tree with the exception of one (or some) of its subdirectories. There does not seem to be anything in man cp to cover this. In effect I'm looking for an "--except" option, something like :- cp -a --except=/home/BS,/home/fubar /home /backup/ ... which would copy...
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    I think I must be re-joining

    I see this site had a "purge" a while ago and I think I was a member once, before that. I'm fairly experienced, using Linux since c2005, mostly Debian derivatives, and now on Devuan with KDE, LXDE and headless on various PCs around the house (WIndows at work). I have a small game website.