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  1. LittlePebble10

    Explaining Linux and Programming to others

    My calling is in art and writing so, its not uncommon for people to get a little confused. At least when I explain it. I even had one person thought I wrote code for blogs. I am a blogger but, I actually don't know a whole lot about html or any other web page design type of programming. My...
  2. LittlePebble10

    Getting back into Linux

    Hellow, yet another forum I joined. I have several forums I am on. I am on tulpa dot info, LD4all (lucid dreaming), and Adisc to name a few. I am a Christian tulpamancer and babyfur. I am very open as you can probably tell. I have personal secrets but, only where necessary. I rather know that...
  3. LittlePebble10

    Hp Pavilion for Linux

    I am new here so please forgive me if this type of thread is not allowed. I used Linux before and it was my preferred system to work on at one time. I had to buy and install Windows10 for my main laptop because college required me to use MS office. I technically don't need it anymore but, I have...