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  1. Rob

    System76 Darter Pro (darp6) first looks

    I received my new Darter Pro (darp6) yesterday as my new 'work' laptop. My upgrades were the cpu, memory and the drive: 1× 4.9 GHz i7-10510U (1.8 up to 4.9 GHz - 8MB Cache - 4 Cores - 8 Threads) $199.00 1× 64 GB Dual Channel DDR4 at 2666 MHz (2x32GB) $499.00 500 GB NVMe Seq Read: 3,500...
  2. Rob

    Video - Copying, Moving and Deleting files/directories in Linux

    This video goes through copying, moving and deleting files and directories in Linux. This is a video from my series of chapters in my book "Essential Linux Command Line". If you want $50 in free Digital Ocean credit, please click this affiliate link: Please...
  3. Rob

    Video - Linux File Permissions (chmod and chown)

    The following video shows you how to use chmod and chown to change up file permissions. It also goes over the various settings you can apply to files with chmod. Here is a quick cheat sheet for chmod: 7 = 4+2+1 (read/write/execute) 6 = 4+2 (read/write) 5 = 4+1 (read/execute) 4 = 4 (read) 3...
  4. Rob

    Use an SSH key to log into a remote server

    When you ssh into a remote server, the safest way is to use an ssh key. This video shows you how to create the key, explains the files created by the ssh-keygen command, and shows you how to copy your public key to the remote server. Please subscribe if you liked this video - we're trying to...
  5. Rob

    Overview of Linux system + getting around

    In this video, we'll go over the basics of a Linux system - where Linux keeps all of its things - as well as basic commands to get around. This is a short 30 minute clip of me going over the first 2 chapters of my "Essential Linux Command line" book available on Amazon. The book is available...
  6. Rob

    off-topic rules

    Wanted to set some ground rules for the off-topic section. This section is for light hearted conversations that wouldn't belong in a linux-related section. If things get too serious or end up taking up moderators' time, then we'll get rid of it.. we're pretty lax around here, but this forum...
  7. Rob

    Install kubectl and minikube on Linux

    Kubernetes is a great way to deploy your applications - and it's VERY popular out there with teams working in technology. Before you get going though, you'll need to install the kubectl cli tool and you may as well install minikube so you can test things out. Minikube is a non-production...
  8. Rob

    I'm up too late..

    I need to work tomorrow, but i'm awake looking at analytics and backlinks and other stats trying to grow the site. What are you up to tonight? Also, I created an 'Off Topic' section.. so I could post this.. lol beer may be involved.
  9. Rob

    Vim basics and more

    I've been using vim for about 22 years and even today find little tips and tidbits that I didn't know about! This article will go through some of the things I use often in vim - and I hope we'll get some great replies with what some of your favorite tips are! Let's get going. Let's start out...
  10. Rob

    Tell me what you want to learn

    I'm relaunching my Youtube channel and looking for ideas. Let me know what you want to learn - after you like and subscribe of course on the video below, lol.. :cool:
  11. Rob

    How to quit vi/vim

    This has been a long term joke, but as an avid vim user, it's simple. Once you open your file and edit it, to quit vi/vim, you simply: Quit without saving: ESC, then :q If you ctrl-c, you'll create a swap file.. Quit with saving: ESC, then :ZZ Vim is really the ultimate editor.. learn to...
  12. Rob

    bash or fish for shell?

    I've used bash for the past 20 years or so for my go-to shell because it's the default shell on most linux distributions - at least the ones i've used professionally for work. I wanted to make sure whatever I did on my workstation, i'd be able to mimic across the farm. Lately, since I now do...
  13. Rob

    Docker desktop for linux?

    At work I have a macbook running osx and a macbook running Linux.. I also just started with a different team that heavily uses kubernetes. One thing I really like in OSX is the docker menu in the panel where I can quickly switch between clusters. I've since found kubectx (see other thread)...
  14. Rob

    kubectx is pretty handy

    I've only just started with kubernetes, but just set up kubectx (symlinked it as kctx as not to break tab completion on kubectl) and it's pretty great. It allows you to quickly see which cluster you're in and quickly able to switch to another one - especially if you have the completion set up...
  15. Rob DNS Hijack Incident

    Yesterday afternoon around 5pm EST someone was able to get into the registrar account for our domain and point DNS to another server - as well as lock us out from changing it. They pointed the domain name to a pretty rude page for most of the evening until Cloudflare stepped in and blocked the...
  16. Rob

    Uber Joins the Linux Foundation as Gold Member

    Uber has just joined the Linux Foundation as a Gold Member! “Uber has been influential in the open source community for years, and we’re very excited to welcome them as a Gold member at the Linux Foundation,” said Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation. “Uber truly understands...
  17. Rob

    Using ss instead of netstat to investigate sockets

    If you find yourself looking at networking connections in Linux then you've probably used netstat at some point. It's very useful to list out established connections, find out which ports your server is listening on, etc.. Well, ss is a similar tool to netstat. Netstat itself even tells us to...
  18. Rob

    Red Hat 7.6 Released

    From Red Hat: "Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) minor releases are an aggregation of individual security, enhancement, and bug fix errata. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 Release Notes document describes the major changes made to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 operating system and its...
  19. Rob

    Fedora 29 Released

    Fedora has released version 29 today! I've already downloaded it to install on the spare macbook this evening. From the Fedora Magazine site: "In just one week, it will be fifteen years since we announced the release of Fedora Core 1. Now, we’re announcing the release of Fedora 29 — now not...
  20. Rob is sticking with CentOS

    After the announcement of IBM acquiring Red Hat, there has been a lot of fear and uncertainty within the Linux community about whether to drop ties with RHEL / CentOS / Fedora or not. This is expected, and i'm sure IBM and the higher-ups at Red Hat knew the announcement would shake some people...