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  1. Condobloke

    Where can i download the linux OS for laptop

    G'day Lo2714, and Welcome to linux.org Can you tell us the Make and Model number of the Laptop ?.....any details at all ? do you know which OS was on there before you got it ?
  2. Condobloke

    After having updated my linux mint tessa I had an Error Message: please help

    G'day Rick, and Welcome to linux.org May I ask....how long have you had 19.1 (Tessa) installed ? Did you have any problems with the initial install ?
  3. Condobloke

    What Backup Software are you using ?

    G'day ikus060, and Welcome to linux.org You obviously have some commercial interest in these results. What are those interests ?
  4. Condobloke

    Join two hard drives in "/" directory

    My SSD is also a 120 GB. My HDD'd total around 550 GB All of the "apps" that I use are installed on the SSD. The "results" from all of those apps are sent to the HDD's.........for example....just one of the 'apps" i use is Qbittorrent. I regularly download specific material using that...
  5. Condobloke

    Join two hard drives in "/" directory

    I have three drives....one SSD, and two HDD's The ssd houses linux mint 18.3 + all its bits and pieces....the 1st hdd handles pics, music and movies, and the 2nd hdd is strictly for backups & co. It is not a pita to maintain. It becomes an easy habit to simply right click on any pic downloaded...
  6. Condobloke

    Cool New Look.

    Now we have had more time....the changes under the hood are more than impressive....eg, inserting an image lends a very superior feel....and it works ! Hex color availability in text color....very snazzy. I am still more than impressed with the 'load speed'.....it really has improved out of site
  7. Condobloke

    Just for fun - Linux Jokes and Memes

    she looks more like a Linux Mint kinda girl to me......
  8. Condobloke

    Get the error "The 'grub-efi-amd64-signed' package failed to install into /target/" in Mint 19 [Solved]

    G'day Tzalim, and Welcome to Linux.org Are we to assume you are using a bootable usb/thumb drive ? You can boot the thumb drive successfully ?....and LM 19.1 runs ok from the thumb drive itself ? When you click on the "Install" icon on the desktop and LM 19.1 installs.......where are you...
  9. Condobloke

    why everything is so big?

    i need a simple machine with simple os, without ANY security. just to install it, to run forever, without any updates and upgrades....etc etc That puts you squarely in the middle of a dream world. It defies reality. I am more than double your age and have moved past that approach long, long ago...
  10. Condobloke

    why everything is so big?

    Skype for windows Version Skype (version 8) on Windows Desktop requires: Windows 10 Version 1507 or above Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit versions supported) Processor At least 1 GHz RAM At least 512 MB Additional software DirectX v9.0 or higher...
  11. Condobloke

    why everything is so big?

    I think the OS's size is driven by demand. Consumers the world over are demanding more....much more from the humble os. They want audio such as would be heard in a theatre....(read bigger,more complex sound card etc...and a better developed os to handle that.....and that is the thin end of the...
  12. Condobloke


    @atanere @wizardfromoz will be the ones to answer that. wizard will probably appear in a puff of smoke shortly.
  13. Condobloke


    Pop os....We believe the computer and operating system are the most powerful and versatile tools ever created. We’re building an OS for the software developer, maker, and computer science professional who uses their computer as a tool to discover and create. pop os....hardly an OS for...
  14. Condobloke

    Please! Recover possible deleted/unmounted hard drive

    @atanere wrote......Hello @Free Spirit! Although this thread is a little old and seems to have fizzled out, it is better if you open up a new thread to ask about your problem. Go to Forums menu at the top, then click the orange button in upper right to Post Thread. Thanks! GO HERE
  15. Condobloke

    Having issues with EFI(Linux)

    HERE Click on 'post topic'....top right hand side
  16. Condobloke

    Having issues with EFI(Linux)

    @Burdenluv ....please open your own topic. That will save this topic from being derailed.
  17. Condobloke

    Installing problems 64 bit AMD Ubuntu 16,04

    Rebooted with disk taken out ?
  18. Condobloke

    Installing problems 64 bit AMD Ubuntu 16,04

    G'day Dan, and Welcome to linux.org I have not installed ubuntu before, so what you are describing is a little bit foreign to me.......However....if you were to type exit in the 'command prompt' (i believe this is probably ubuntu's 'terminal'), that should close that......and also eject the...