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  1. captain-sensible

    How to use grep properly?

    let me give you an example of basic use of grep combined with ls command. I use it to drill down to find if I have package in my /var/log/packages directory i'm using grep from command line on a linux terminal By default when i open a terminal , its working on the basis that it is in my...
  2. captain-sensible

    Newbie to needed for a college project "Cluster Implementation"

    i'm probably slightly out of date since its a while since i needed windows anywhere. But if you have one OS on one hard drive then there could be bits of data all over the place. I used to start with doing a defrag to clean up the disk since if you are going to have 2 OS on on HD to need to...
  3. captain-sensible

    Deb Packages

    With my slackware due to having erratic internet and possible trips to Ghana , on my portable hard-drive i have 2 folders for slackware 14.2 stable. One for builds and one for pre built packages. So on slackware to install a pre-built package its simple as # installpkg <packagename> More than...
  4. captain-sensible

    general consensus and any unification of one site as a place to go for slackware docs?

    There are out there other sites still apparently being maintained and that if you look at past contributors does have credibility. Obviously forums like this one and others are helpful in solving problems but text laid out with continuity Docs are places where you get the whole picture. it...
  5. captain-sensible

    want to switch to linux but need help

    We are all learning believe me
  6. captain-sensible

    want to switch to linux but need help

    There are a couple of things that i refer to and stood me in good stead 1) Other people are only further along the learning curve than you - hopefully they remember banging their heads off walls and have empathy and don't become pompous 2) Keep reading things ; if you don't understand it , go...
  7. captain-sensible

    want to switch to linux but need help

    The interesting thing form that OS on the USB stick you can navigate to see the hard drive on your computer and "do things" to it if required. meaning a linux distro on a usb stick can be like a Swiss Army knife. For instance if you forget your Windows password ; you can boot from knoppix on a...
  8. captain-sensible

    want to switch to linux but need help

    But lets go back to basics ; lets say you have a linux operating system correctly put onto a USB stick. Then to get it running all you do it choose from the "boot menu" to boot that - that means you are booting and will be using an OS running on a usb stick and bypass the OS on your hard drive.
  9. captain-sensible

    want to switch to linux but need help

    Now if your on a journey to try Linux there is a learning curve where now you need to know a little of how things work. So lets take it step by step . When you start up any computer usually for a few seconds you get on the screen "to access boot menu click F9 " 0r similar. To get to BIOS hit...
  10. captain-sensible

    want to switch to linux but need help

    ok what i mean by live basically means its not generally meant to be installed; knoppix is a good example and is even promoted as "best live distro in world " or something similar. now to put a distro onto a usb stick will depend on what your running .I'm already running linux so i just do a...
  11. captain-sensible

    want to switch to linux but need help

    one other thing is the approach to want things to run out of the box Ubuntu or you also want to learn more about linux and don't mind tweaking a few things or even a bit of editing to make things work , because some distros work on the basis you choose what you want to run then have a look at...
  12. captain-sensible

    want to switch to linux but need help

    8 gig should be ok for knoppix depending on size of overlay if you go for one ; for other live distro here is the issue. The developers work on the basis that you expect to see the same thing live as you would doing a full install. In other words if you see kde live and then a full install and...
  13. captain-sensible

    literal meaning of "-r"

    not to be confused with -R which is recursive permissions
  14. captain-sensible

    What is a server?

    the succinct answer is if you have a html document and open it; it will usually open as a file. To display as intended it it needs to be opened in a web browser. Thats ok for one file (html) , but when one htm ldoc has a link to another link and then you have php files you really need them...
  15. captain-sensible

    Dual boot partition scheme in UEFI/GPT

    the basics are install windows first that will automatically install EFi and reserved bit; dont run anything from Windows, do maybe defrag shrink Windows partition to 30 Gig , then install Linux , grub etc. Then force windows to use grub bcdedit /enum firmware Personally i would every thing...
  16. captain-sensible

    Why so small?

    if you take the description that Linux is actual the kernel, being the core of most systems then since its at the heart of Android phones i would say there are a lot of enthusiasts out there , its just that most of them don't know it yet
  17. captain-sensible

    how download linux os for pc free ?

    When you say "free" that hints that you expect like windows (genuine) there will be a charge. Well #Linux and a lot of programs are GNU licence free ;that means you can download with the lead /core team support for free with no looking over your shoulder. Most would appreciate though some...
  18. captain-sensible

    want to switch to linux but need help

    what have you currently got on your laptop- don't just try wiping everything off otherwise if its uefi you will get a bootup headache . usual approach is to boot a live linux distro from a usb stick ,or run live cd if you have a cd rom ;see if you like it .
  19. captain-sensible

    Help for deleting partition

    For anyone forgeting a windows password ; if you boot up knoppix from a usb you should be able to re-set it using chntpw
  20. captain-sensible

    Quitting Linux...

    the only game i play is chess but i guess you've looked at steam ?