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    Hello All. .Old Guy

    No, that's us ( and it's not us - if you see what I mean. :) Chris
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    Updating Linux.

    They do indeed, as does Synaptic Package Manager, which is another (GUI-based) option for running Updates. Note to helpers, the OP is on LXLE unless he has changed it. For seven years, with Debian-based distros such as yours, I have been running a Bash script out of Terminal. It reads as...
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    setting up firewalld on lite

    G'day @66Drew66 and welcome to Apart from the good advice you are getting above, I also have the following, this for after you get your problem solved: Linux Lite by default has a product called Timeshift installed. If you had run Timeshift first thing after a successful install...
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    Rock Roxx

    Wow, this is Freaky Sunday! I was just over at Members Intros, reading David G's revelation that he can't jump, which prompted me to look up and link Van Halen's "Might as Well Jump", then came over here, and blow me down, find Tobey posts the above. More Van Halen Chris
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    Hello All. .Old Guy

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    Hello All. .Old Guy

    Speak for yourself, David :)
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    Hello All. .Old Guy

    Same old Charlie - somehow got locked out of his old account - ghosts in the machine :)
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    Hello All. .Old Guy

    G'day Charlie - long time between drinks :)
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    copy packages between hardware

    I have read that article you linked to, and I question the use of rpm. rpm is Redhat Package Management, as used by Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Fedora, centOS &c. As I understand it, you are on Ubuntu 21.10 'Hirsute Hippo' on the desktop and on a Debian of some description on the Pi (you...
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    Hello All. .Old Guy

    Old guy, shmold guy - we have Members here, active, from 60 through to 87, so you're just a young 'un. G'day Scott and welcome to :) from DownUnder You will meet more than a few of The Gang here, but best to start a Thread in General Linux, asking about learning resources. There...
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    Today's article is about Ubuntu Restricted Extras...

    I've whacked the mole for a 5 anyway, but it might also be worthwhile distinguishing between this metapackage and ubuntu-restricted-addons ? Wiz Avagudweegend
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    How do you specifically install a GTK-PPP tar.gz in Mint 20.2 Cinnamon

    In Australia we call that "fixed wireless", and Elaine and I have the small, unobtrusive, antenna on our roof. In Virginia there is VABB who provide that service, Vicky, and you would be in the NLOS (non-line of sight) category. Check it out at Chris...
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    Cannot get Linux OS to show as an option to boot in Dual Boot Laptop

    @Cbrew welcome to :) I approved your Post now at #9 - it came over my desk DownUnder at 4:43AM my time and I was catching zzz's You're in good hands with Stan. More coffee Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    Anybody have any idea how to code this thing?

    @Repondeo it does not appear that you wish to take advice offered above seriously, and this thread is in General Linux, while your ramblings appear to address just about anything other than LInux. I am locking this Thread while I deliberate on whether to delete it. Thanks to all Helpers, as...
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    Install package on different architecture

    OK, Ta for that. With Pi's and ARM I go out of my comfort zone, so I will likely defer to Pi users. You haven't said whether the Pi is Running a Linux, if so which? and Whether it has internet connectivity? If yes to both, then you could likely download the package straight to the Pi...
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    G'day @Chickey from DownUnder and welcome to :) Enjoy Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    Install package on different architecture

    Not really - is not the most user-friendly site for navigation, just useful once you get the hang of it. I'll come back to that. At your earliest opportunity, can you please post the output of (my comments preceded by a hash) dpkg --print-architecture # and dpkg...
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    PSU Help [SOLVED]

    And good luck with the move, James. Hope you don't need any ;) Chris
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    Install package on different architecture Click the entry for Hirsute Hippo - if you are not sure your computer supports ARM, take the .deb package. Wizard
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    looking for advice for distro.

    Nicely done @old timer :) I have been busy the last 2 days and have only logged in while I am installing LXLE, writing this from Seamonkey. I have been using it since version 12.04 (in amongst my stable of 60+ Linux). I have always had a soft spot for it, and for its LXDE desktop environment...