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    Do you like terminals or GUIs better?

    In the terminal, there's no overhead. There's no repeated http requests, or anything like that. That's my working theory.
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    Do you like terminals or GUIs better?

    Well, there are text-based browsers that run in the terminal. They make it marginally better. In fact, last I knew, you could still mostly use Slashdot in the terminal. I imagine most other interactive sites won't work. One could probably leave a comment on a basic WordPress site. I should test...
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    An update to the Wesnoth game...

    I haven't played it. I am not much of a gamer, meaning I don't game at all really. I just happened to notice elsewhere and figured I'd share it here. Hmm... I hear it's actually a fun game to play. Maybe one of these days I'll have time and motivation to...
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    Install Linux on an old notebook

    What's your RAM situation? While you can likely run any distro, some desktop environments consume less RAM than others. If you've got at least 4 GB, you're probably good to go with any distro, though I'd really consider 16 to be a minimum these days. That's largely a matter of preference. I...
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    Updating Linux.

    Even in Mint, I do it all in the terminal. Regardless of distro, I do it in the terminal. I just find it easier. You can even alias it, making it just a single word like 'update'.
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    Do you like terminals or GUIs better?

    I prefer to do different things with different methods. Browsing the web in the terminal is a painful experience. Checking for updates and upgrading in a GUI is pointlessly long and tedious. So, I do different tasks in either.
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    Ubuntu Release 21.10

    LOL If you look around, there's probably more than two dramatically declaring this the worst release ever. The same things happens with pretty much everything, including Windows. The only thing I can really complain about is the increased dependency on Snaps. However, they gave us ample...
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    Today's thread is another guest article, and I'm going to toss it into the off-topic sub-forum...

    Well, they may still be willing to teach you. It's rough on your wrists and hands, especially if it's completely by hand. I knew a bunch of folks who worked on boots and dress shoes, the kind that were hand stitched, and I would not want to be their fingers at the age of 80.
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    Dual booting with multiple hard drives and POP!OS installed first

    In your case, you just go ahead and install Windows on another partition/drive, finish that and then boot with a live USB, and just use 'boot-repair'. It's pretty straightforward. Hmm... I'll try to save some time by just finding a link...
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    Why do some programs, show a caret when executed, and pause, waiting for input?

    Hmm... Maybe so that you have time to gather information manually - in this particular case. See here: CTRL + C should get you back to your regular terminal prompt.
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    Today's thread is another guest article, and I'm going to toss it into the off-topic sub-forum...

    It's okay, this is in off-topic. ;-) I learned many of the cobbler techniques, but never got to work on boots. I know *how* they're done, but I have no experience doing reheeling, resoling, or the likes.
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    Today's thread is another guest article, and I'm going to toss it into the off-topic sub-forum...

    Yup. Anyone making repetitive motions. I worked in a factory back in college, eventually stopping because my wrists were starting to get trashed. If you're curious, I made shoes. I made women's high heel shoes. It was not entirely work, it was kinda fun learning all that stuff. As a quick...
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    Hello All. .Old Guy

    You should be aware that this is a public forum. You can opt to post your own personally identifiable material, though it really tends to narrow it down as to who you are.
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    Today's thread is another guest article, and I'm going to toss it into the off-topic sub-forum...

    It probably should go into the general section, because it's something we all face. We geeks, power users, computationally curious people are at high risk for RSIs - Repetitive Stress Injuries. Well, this article tells you a bit about what they are and suggests you look into finding ways to...
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    cant boot correctly until i unplug my old gpu

    This article may be salient, and *should* be true for Mint users - as long as it's not LMDE.
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    Can you Defrag a Win XP and Ubuntu dual boot hard drive?

    I think the easiest way to describe (according to my understanding) it is that the kernel places files intelligently, resulting in little fragmentation. I haven't dug into it since like my earliest Linux days, when I learned it wasn't needed - but was available - and opted to just not bother...
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    Cool Retro Term Demo

    I'm not sure I'd want to make it more difficult to read. Though I do enjoy amusing tricks in the terminal.
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    Rock Roxx

    I'm pretty much like an elephant - I can't jump. Elephants are the only mammals that can't jump - except for me. With some care, I can jog a little. That technically has both feet off the ground at the same time (otherwise it's speed walking). I just have to be really careful with my gait and...
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    Linux Mint "Super Freezes"

    A handy way to remember it (it's probably in the article) is it's BUSIER backwards. That's how I used to remember it. These days, I just know it's REISUB. It's not busy, it's busier. It doesn't always work. If the computer is so locked that it won't accept further inputs, it won't work. And...