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  1. Rob

    Speedy Terminals

    I've been using Terminator for a cpl years and am pretty happy with it.
  2. Rob


    He msg'd me asking to be removed from the board. Edit: Also any trace of him, so we'll edit some of the posts in this thread mentioning his name in a day or so..
  3. Rob

    Having issues adding a virtual interface with netplan

    Oops, didn't update the thread. I ended up just using this within that yaml: addresses: -
  4. Rob

    Having issues adding a virtual interface with netplan

    I'll give that a try, i've always just added in /etc/network/interfaces
  5. Rob

    Having issues adding a virtual interface with netplan

    Hey there, I'm working with a group of openvpn ubuntu servers that use eth0 as their main interface, then when openvpn is started, it brings up tun0, tun1, tun2 .. Anyway, I'm trying to add a 2nd private ip on eth0 as 'eth0:0' but this is Ubuntu 18.04 which uses netplan now.. So, in...
  6. Rob

    we are checking your browser..

    Sorry, yes. We were getting ddos'd the other day and this remedied it. I'll remove it now that the attack is over tho :)
  7. Rob

    Rocky Linux 8.3 RC1 Available Now

    Good to see its coming along!
  8. Rob

    Linux on the Wii

    Hey there @BRIANDERN - we're trying to keep everything in English on the forum so that we don't have confusion over trying to translate.
  9. Rob

    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    Started in 97 with Red Hat 3.0.3 on floppies! :)
  10. Rob

    There... I have finally done my introduction thread!

    Glad to have ya @KGIII! I think we're pretty lax for the most part anyways around here. Great intro thread - I read the whole thing and congrats on all of your accomplishments!!
  11. Rob

    Concerned about BitWarden and password managers..

    I'm using bitwarden chrome extension on my laptop.. then the bitwarden app on my android phone. Currently using their hosted solution, but i'll eventually switch over to own-hosted version where I'd have it on a server at home.
  12. Rob

    Perhaps a questionable ad?

    That's strange.. I haven't noticed any, but don't really pay attention. I'll see if i can look in the adsense settings on their site to see if they enabled some other kinda stuff lol. Thanks for pointing it out! Rob
  13. Rob

    My website cant be reached from outside network.

    Also, make sure apache isn't only listening on localhost. You can do something like netstat -tanp |grep apache and you should see the IPs and ports apache is listening on and post that here. Edit: re-reading, I see you can hit it on its private ip, but i'll leave this up as it may help someone...
  14. Rob

    Ubuntu server shutdown by itself

    Is this a laptop?
  15. Rob

    I need help learning Linux

    Also, just get in and mess around with it. Sometimes that's the best way to learn.
  16. Rob

    Catch me live for an hour or so on YouTube to "Talk Linux Stuff"

    I didn't do it this week lol.. I was going to, but the turnout was so low last week I couldn't muster it for tonight :) I should have... maybe every other week to start.. and i'll promote next week's a little better lol.
  17. Rob

    Option to ignore specific content

    I'll check em out and see how their reviews are. I like to keep it mostly "stock" for security reasons (plus, in case the dev stops updating). Thanks man! Rob
  18. Rob

    Catch me live for an hour or so on YouTube to "Talk Linux Stuff"

    In the chat one was from my work.. another was from my cooking youtube channel lol. No one else talked in the chat :)
  19. Rob

    Beginner questions for people with Linux experience

    Hey Dstar, welcome to! Yep, you can use open office as Wiz said, or you can give LibreOffice a shot since it's a fork and (maybe) better. It'd be similar and have all of the tools you're used to in Open Office. As far as a good distribution to start with, Kali would not be it...
  20. Rob

    Catch me live for an hour or so on YouTube to "Talk Linux Stuff"

    I saw JUST as I hit end broadcast lol.. otherwise I would have kept it open. It only had 2-3 people the whole time haha :)