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    Need suggestion buying laptop.

    I use an old E6430. I had a much nicer machine but my dog spilled a cup of coffee on my wifes machine and she confiscated mine...;) I found that adding a solid state drive and taking the ram from the newly destroyed machine bringing ram up to 16 gig it works well. The big problem is the GPU...
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    Need suggestion buying laptop.

    if you go on the cheap I really like this one. I have used one of these in the past Its under 40000(530 US) Approximately ... math in my head which is a terrible place to store anything...
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    Laptop (No gap between keys)

    search on spill resistant keyboards. You may find what you need.
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    Sync Not Linux Fans

    I think there are certainly pros and cons to using nextcloud. For me the data I am syncing between phones and PC's isn't that critical so I do periodic backups to a drive I keep offline most of the time. If I were running a business off of this I would go the cloud approach. Control comes...
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    For what its worth eventually the arp cache will timeout and things will magically start to work.... :)
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    Changing your mac address and keeping the same IP if that is what happen would potentially cause a routing issue on a local router. The typical behavior when having a conflict is drop the traffic.
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    A Text Editor for Kubuntu SOLVED

    You might consider notepad ++. I like it as I am able to open large files such as a log file without hanging things up. Its my go to...
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    got this is my mail box : Life's better together when you avoid Windows 11

    TPM securely store and protect keys. It identifies the hardware not a human being. The connection between a TPM and PII are made in a vendor database who undoubtedly received information from the end user in the first place. At best a TPM is like the license plate on your car. The plate...
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    got this is my mail box : Life's better together when you avoid Windows 11

    Thinking of why someone would do this on the client side I would suspect its easier to implement. Spending the money to develop some sort of AI solution would be expensive. It would also be resource intensive to do on server side. Offloading that to the clients would be much easier. TPM...
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    oracle-xe-21c issue

    Machine have an address? from output above...... No valid IP Address returned for the host tomek-Lenovo-YOGA-530-14IKB.
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    got this is my mail box : Life's better together when you avoid Windows 11

    Well I guess I don't see the ability to circumvent anti-cheat software as a great argument. Personally every system running in my home has a TPM. After having been burglarized a couple times its nice to know that my disk drives roaming about the country are not decryptable by the creep on...
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    got this is my mail box : Life's better together when you avoid Windows 11

    From an information security standpoint I don't think my TPM is out to get me... :) I do. think that Microsoft is doing things to reign in the abuse of their licenses. Some of their activities are a bit intrusive for my taste but its no worse than other products. I tried out windows 11 and...
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    oracle-xe-21c issue Looks like you can get what you are looking for here
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    Arduino Simulator

    You might try this one
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    Error with SeDiskOperatorPrivilege - NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVER

    I'm not sure what is going on but I don't think you were able to successfully join that machine to the domain. The directory does not exist message is just that you were not denied I don't think it exists. Your terminal prompt looks like what I would expect if you were logged in locally. It...
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    Error with SeDiskOperatorPrivilege - NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVER

    With 20.04.3 you can automatically configure to connect with your domain controller at installation. You will need to have an account with enough administrative authority to join the domain. A lot easier than configuring from scratch. When you login with a valid domain user your system...
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    Want to add something not in the software manager

    Here is an article of alternatives. I think a little googling you should be able to find a solution that will work for you
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    Security Issue: Application whitelist in Linux 7.6

    The first thing that comes to mind is to manipulate user permissions. I just started reading about fapolicyd. Seems like it has some interesting capabilities.
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    Amazon Astro is Fine if You Don't Mind In-Home Mass Surveillance

    My dogs would pull it through the pet door and end it. problem solved.... :)
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    Bizarre networking problem...

    Also I see "SIOCADDRT: File exists" this system is some how trying to add the default gateway when it already exists. I read earlier this has GUI configuration with many appliances I have worked with GUI configuration will override anything you do, especially on boot. If you did work via...