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  1. Alexzee

    A Text Editor for Kubuntu SOLVED

    Hey guys-:) I'm on a hunt for a good text editor with a really nice GUI. Something that will play nice with Kubuntu 20.04 KDE:- I installed Visual Studio and playing around with it. So far it's ok. After looking at Atom and seeing that it's more for dev's I don't want it. I...
  2. Alexzee

    Exploding PSU'S Gigabyte & Newegg Dumping Unsellable Product

    Be selective about which PSU you purchase!
  3. Alexzee

    VirusTotal- A Place To Check On A URL

    As many of you already know clicking on a link in an e-mail is just asking for trouble. If you are suspicious of a url that someone sent you, you can check it in VirusTotal. Just cp and paste the url and you will get a report. Hope it helps someone...
  4. Alexzee

    Getting Rid of Old Swap Partitions That Generate "A Start Job is Running" At Boot Time

    I've found a solution and wanted to post it in case others run into this too. I have a Asus Tuf Gaming rig with 3 drives. Each drive has it's own Linux distro installed on it. Well, every time I install a new distro on my 1 TB Seagate or my 500 GB WD my main distro (Debian 10 Buster Gnome)...
  5. Alexzee

    Balena Etcher Won't Launch SOLVED

    After downloading balenaEtcher to my Downloads directory and extracting it the program won't launch. I've tried double clicking on it and it won't run. Any ideas?
  6. Alexzee

    Fresh Install of Voyager 11 Debian No WiFi Adapter Found

    Hi: I just did a fresh installation of Voyager 11 Debian Gnome and the WiFi is not working. During the installation I selected my network and typed in my passphrase so I don't get why the wireless isn't working. When I go to the WiFi setting manager it says: NO WiFi Adapter Found Make sure you...
  7. Alexzee

    SOLVED>How To Remove Old Kernels in Kubuntu 20.04 KDE

    Hey guys-:) My best mate is running Kubuntu 20.04 KDE on his custom built 64-bit desktop and has a lot of kernels that are old. I did a few searches but I'm not convinced that "sudo apt --purge autoremove" is the cure all. I looked here but I don't know how old this is...
  8. Alexzee

    BlueMaxima's Flashpoint

    My best mate sent this this link and information to me; so I'm here to share it with you. This might come in handy:
  9. Alexzee

    Libre Office Draw Edit PDF's

    The instructions in the video were done on a Windows machine however; you can do this on a Linux os too. Someone may need to edit a PDF and the video explains how to do it. You can also use Libre Office Draw to fill out a form. Hope it helps someone.:) Cheers, Alex
  10. Alexzee

    Fresh Install of Euro Linux in Virtual Box (WiFi)

    I just installed Euro Linux (based on RHEL and Scientific Linux) in Virtual Box the other day. The installation went well however I haven't yet been able to get the WiFi working. I found the instructions: Chapter 10 Managing WiFi Connections here...
  11. Alexzee

    HP Envy Wireless 110 All In One Printer Won't Print or Scan SOLVED

    The last time I used my printer/scanner back in May of 2021, it worked just fine. Last week I tried to print and the printer showed that a print job was done however it didn't produce anything and the printer failed to work. I went to the CUPS website deleted the printer and than added it again...
  12. Alexzee

    Debian 10 Gnome and Firefox 88 SOLVED

    Sadly I hosed my Firefox 78-esr that came with my fresh Debian installation. I went into the Preferences> Language and Appearance> Colors> and changed the background for my tabs to black so I wouldn't be so blinded by the white background. When I ticked the box to do that always it made all of...
  13. Alexzee

    A Tiger In Colored Pencil

    I just spent the better part of the last 6 to 7 weeks working on this tiger in colored pencils. It took 5 layers of purple violet and 2 layers of black to get the darkest shade of black in the tigers face. Additionally I put down 7 layers of burnt sienna down and than 1 layer of orange on top...
  14. Alexzee

    Manjaro offers desktop as a service through partner Shells

    I came across this post today for Manjaro. Now you can have Manjaro on any device!
  15. Alexzee

    A Start Job Is Running With Debian And The Fix

    I been running Debian since Debian was version 6 now and there has been a consistent issue every time I install a new distro on my triple booted rig. Upon installing a new distro (on any one of my 3 drives) Debian get's held up at boot time with a start job is running for 1 minute and 30...
  16. Alexzee

    No-cost RHEL Subscriptions

    Good information here:
  17. Alexzee

    Building A Website

    I'd like to build my own website however; I'm not a web master and I don't want to pay Word Press or Go Daddy to maintain a site that I have to pay for to host it. Is it possible to learn how to build a site and learn how to host it myself? Any ideas where I'd start or the name of a 'certain...
  18. Alexzee

    error /dev/disk/by-label/device did not show up after 30 seconds SOLVED

    I did a fresh install of Hefftor Linux KDE Plasma on a 64-bit Toshibia Satelite L755. After the install I have Grub but when Hefftor Linux tries to boot I get this error: error /dev/disk/by-label/device did not show up after 30 seconds falling back to interactive prompt you can try to fix the...
  19. Alexzee

    Hefftor Linux A New Distro Based on Arch Fresh Install

    I just installed this new distro: "Hefftor Linux" XFCE 64-bit. It's available in Gnome and other DE's too. Anyway it runs really nice and looks great on my gaming rig. Here's a few screenshots: So far my wife likes it and so do I. So far so good and it's easy...
  20. Alexzee

    Getting A New Internet Service Provider

    I currently have internet service with Xfinity. The rep that signed me up for a 1 year contract advised me to come into the store before the contract ends so I could negotiate another deal before the 1 year contract ends. I've learned that after 1 year they jack up the price much higher for...