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  1. brickwizard

    Captcha... "wheres my glasses"

  2. brickwizard

    Trusted Platform Module (TPM)/ HP prodesk

    well its taken me a year to figure this out, download bash tools for tpm enter tpm-version....... [tpm not found] Now I know its there somewhere so scoured the net for tpm/HP, could only find instructions for windows but as its a BIOS thing , I followed them, enter bios, press F10 go to...
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    Printable Distro word-search have fun

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    A little story

    In may last year, as lock-down began in the UK, My tower threw a wobbly, the MB burnt out taking 2 of the 5 hard-drives with it, Not being able to get out for components I decided to buy a cheap second-hand box, I got an HP Prodesk [6 yrs old] it came pre loaded with W10, so I decided to install...
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    Acer Aspire [ZG5-32bit] change of Distro [Information only]

    As some of you know I upgraded the ram from 500mb to the max 1.5gb and for the last few years have been running Peppermint 10 re-spin with good results, well this morning I took the decision [as P10 is running out of support] to install a new Distro, My choice [due to good results on 2 of my...
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    Is this our super Mod ?? [may go over the heads of the under 65's]

    now post your favorite picture of vehicles over accessorised or with weird paint jobs, or even over the top fashions of the past
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    My Turn to ask for help.. FAIL UNABLE TO KILL [solved bu not as you may expect]

    I decided to try and make use of my 20 yr old Acer 2413LM lappy [the one that had XP on it with all the old games for the kids to play] it has a 1.5 celeron M cpu and started with 250kb ram but at some time in the past I upped it to 1GB [I have 2gb on the way if I can get it going] I have...
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    we are checking your browser..

    Over the last couple of days , when i log into, I get a flash page [bit quick for me to read all of it] but in big letters it says we are checking your browser.. anyone else seeing it?
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    Rolled out yesterday

    ready for the 2021-22 airshow seasons RAF Typhoon in new colors.
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    Cloning Windows HD using DD

    Right boys and girls, something I haven't done before.. A mate has [and don't swear at me] a W10 laptop on which he has filled the HD, I have a bootable image of MX-linux on a pen drive Can I use this and the DD comand to clone his current W10 drive to a new bigger one? I already have USB2...
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    The correct use of a keyboard [pre computer]
  12. brickwizard

    The Linux Kernel & Updates

    Is it just me! back in the good old days [about 10 yrs ago] I seem to remember getting automatic updates to the kernel once or twice a year, over the last few months, I seem to be getting 1 or 2 a week . anyone else noticed this?
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    some Linux Distro's word-search

    hope you enjoy word search, made this one up whilst making some others for the OH.
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    What is your favorite quote

    mine is my signature, but my second favorite is from the same source .. We are stuck with technology when all we really want is just stuff that works. How do you recognise something that is still technology? A good clue is if it comes with a manual.
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    a quick into

    hi all, just joined, been a Linux USER for a long time, but am just that a user not a programmer, I predominantly have been using Mint but have loved playing around with different distros on old and some decrepit kit the handle ! well before I retired ,I spent many years advising architects...
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    pureos/q4wine..... still not working, question closed

    Hi guys and girls been using Linux since mint 3 and as a main sysyem since mint 9 and have tried many distro's, since mint 18 I have not been able to run wine and now my old lappy with 97 back up has died, so trying to find a new OS for my 8 yr old dell, found pureos and like it, BUT I am a...