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  1. Vrai

    A Good Read.

    I haven't read the article yet - am headed over there in just a bit to read it though. But based soley on the headline - I would have to agree. My upgrade from 18.3 to 19.1 on the desktop computer has left me rather less than enthusiastic. I will be migrating to Manjaro. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Vrai

    Cool New Look.

    I'm undecided. I will have to give it more time before rendering an opinion :) I do like the formatting options though.
  3. Vrai

    Love Manjaro

    Manjaro is very good. I first tried it some years ago and give it a test run every now and then. I first installed it on a netbook because they had a light-weight version back then. Somewhere around the time of Ubuntu 11.04 - the last Ubuntu I installed on that netbook. I am becoming less...
  4. Vrai


    I'm not a gamer but thought I would share this for those that are: https://www.techsupportalert.com/content/quake-rtx-will-be-free-windows-and-linux-users-june.htm
  5. Vrai

    Firefox Meltdown

    It is "kinda weird" that Brave "blocks" ads but pays for displaying ads. Actually not weird but rather concerning and one of the issues to be considered when using Brave. A browser maker making deals and "playing favorites" or "whitelisting" certain advertisers is very concerning. While their...
  6. Vrai

    Wish to have LM 18.3 as Default System on Startup (dual booting)

    "Wish to have LM 18.3 as Default System on Startup (dual booting)" Piece-o'-cake! :)
  7. Vrai

    What the HELL!? Linux Software Center

    The beauty of Linux :)
  8. Vrai

    Searching for some clarity about this forum.

    It's about freedom, choice, integrity, ethics, and business practices. But mostly freedom. And with Microsoft's latest iteration of their operating system their unethical practices and poor quality control are quite simply intolerable.
  9. Vrai

    Processor Architecture?

    @Rover If you put the following in your search engine there are many useful results; debian file system check and/or hard drive check linux disk repair for linux A few examples: https://www.tecmint.com/check-linux-hard-disk-bad-sectors-bad-blocks/...
  10. Vrai

    HI :D

    Hello! :)
  11. Vrai

    Installing Network Driver (WIFI) on Ubuntu 16.04.6

    Plug the dongle into the machine - reboot - wait to see if it is detected. Most likely it will be. If not - questions for more info will follow here :)
  12. Vrai

    Newbie mystified by Terminal readout

    I think f-disk will do what you want to prepare the drive via terminal. But I would use GParted - a GUI application which works wonderfully. Probably similar to AOMEI Partition Assistant (AOMEI may actually be using Linux apps to perform it's functions). I would partition and format the 250G...
  13. Vrai

    Linux System - clone, archive of the whole

    @rado84 That was exactly my experience the first time I used Clonezilla. I had very little clue as to what I was doing but I read every screen and followed the directions. Worked like a charm :) I have been using Clonezilla ever since.
  14. Vrai

    Don't have a clue how to start.

    I know exactly how you feel ! ;) Best way to start is with a "Live" version of a Linux distro. You can try it without making any changes to your current computer setup. Next question is - how do we get to the point of trying a Live distro? What is a 'Live distro'? After checking out the links...
  15. Vrai

    Processor Architecture?

    This would be very concerning to me. If the disk write cache is that slow I would be very worried about the integrity of the disk. Have you checked the hard drive to determine if it is performing 'normally' as expected?
  16. Vrai

    Help selecting Distro for my requirements.

    If you like Manjaro I suggest going with that. With Manjaro you will have all the Arch goodness in addition to draw upon :)
  17. Vrai

    What's your favorite Desktop Environment?

    I have tried and used most of them. I like KDE very much but I find myself getting 'lost in the weeds' (too much tweaking)! Mate, which as I understand it is basically Gnome 2, is not bad. LXQT was quite usable. I absolutely loathe Unity and that is one reason I switched from Ubuntu to something...
  18. Vrai

    old laptop

    EasyOS or Puppy Linux https://easyos.org http://puppylinux.com/
  19. Vrai

    Linux.org discord server

    What few times I have tried to get on Discord it did not work well for me. So I gave up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If someone set up one for Linux.org I'd probably give it another try though.
  20. Vrai

    Help selecting Distro for my requirements.

    Yes. Manjaro does have very good device support. And the Arch AUR ( Arch User Repositories ) is available also for Manjaro users [ seems like 'everything' is in the Arch AUR!]. I am surprised that the HP printer was not supported. Usually Linux has very good support for HP printers. Make sure...