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    mac os doc

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering what is the best way to have the mac os doc? I tried one but I didn't really like it because the doc stayed big on the screen the whole. I was hoping there was a auto hide or something like that. I'm running Linux Mate. Slowly but surely I'm converting all...
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    best back up software

    Best back up software for linux mate in your guys's opinion.
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    how to install open office

    Hello everyone, I would like to install openoffice. The stuff that I searched and tried didn't really work for me. I would just get errors. Anyone know have to install openoffice.
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    GRUB menu cleanup

    New user here and some of you may now that I ask a thousand questions. Is there an easy way to clean up the GRUB menu. For example i have old kernals that I want to remove. Also, I decide that I love linux mate more than ubuntu. I don't remember what version I have off the top of my head. Thanks...
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    Slow Connection

    My connection goes up and down. Very slow. I heard that turning off power management helps under the iwconfig, but I don't really know how to do that lol
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    WiFi connection

    I recently installed Ubuntu. I have mint and had a wifi connection issue. It was fixed by installing a new kernal. So I tried to do that with Ubuntu and can't get the kernal to boot. It says need to load kernal first .
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    how to use gparted

    Hello everyone, I have been doing a lot of research but I'm not crazy experienced with linux mint yet. I installed gparted, but i realized you can resize a mounted partition unless its a live gpart. Could I get dummy instructions from somone on that please? Thanks in advance. Everyone is most...
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    Resize partition for more room for linux

    So I partitioned my hard drive for 29gb, bit I didn't realize I would like linux that much. I tried to resize my partitioned bit the extend volume is greyed out. Any ideas how to extend the partition?
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    Boot with usb

    So I have dual boot, windows 10 and Linux mint 19.1. I install Linux and moved the iso file to my usb. Plugged in the USB and went into the boot menu and launched Linux and from Linix I begin to click on install Linux. I need help figurijg out how can I have Linux to boot up without using my...
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    WiFi help

    Just instaleei linix mint. Love it but couldn't get the wifi to connected. I plugged Ethernet to it and I ioendriver manger to do updates. I unplugged the Ethernet and it worked. I then turned on the laptop the next day and I couldn't connect to my network.